Convert Flash Course to HTML5 and SCORM


This service converts your Flash-based legacy content into an interactive eLearning HTML5 format that supports multi-device such as desktop, laptop, mobile, tablets, and responsive learning.

Today’s eLearning audience is different than 10 years ago. Old technologies like Flash are not running on most devices. Let us convert your Flash-based eLearning content to HTML5 to catch your audience.

This is not a robot service. Someone who expert on eLearning will work on your project.

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✔ SCORM Compliant

You can be sure that your eLearning content will be SCORM compliant with Kipru. When you buy a service from Kipru, default eLearning course creates process has scorm compliant policy.

✔ 3-Day Delivery

We deliver projects just in 3 days if everything supported by you to work on the project. Mostly we deliver earlier than this time period and our customers love us because of that. Of course, you can request revisions if you want.

✔ Responsive eLearning Design

Responsive Design is about using HTML and CSS to automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge, an eLearning Course, to make it look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones)

Kipru is using the latest version of authoring tools and these tools help to catch the time to view your courses on any device.

✔ Compatible with Common Browsers

Your eLearning course is compatible with common browsers. In your company or home, you can reach your eLearning courses produced by Kipru via any common browser.

✔ White Label

Your employees or clients will never see Kipru brand on end product output. You can be sure that Kipru works as your own eLearning Course development department.

✔ Commercial Usage

Any courses created by Kipru is allowed for commercial usage. You can sell this course to any company which can sell this course again and again. And of course, you can make money from our end-product.

✔ Unlimited User

This course is reachable by an unlimited user. That means you can sell these courses to unlimited customers of yours. You can sell this course to 1 or 1,000,000. It is not important for us, how many people, employee or company reach this course.

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Our hand-picked eLearning experts working on very few projects to be surely delivering the best solution.


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